Brooks Consulting LLC is a management consulting firm co-founded in 1997 by Phil and Jan Brooks with decades of experience in management and management consulting. Brooks Consulting LLC offers complex litigation support services to law firms and their clients, and interim management and strategy consulting services to companies in transition – both fast growth and distressed.

Prior to establishing Brooks Consulting LLC, Phil Brooks led the Pittsburgh regional financial consulting practice of several Big Six (now Big Four) accounting firms and was a partner with the Washington D.C. office of an internationally recognized economic and management consulting firm (Putnam, Hayes & Bartlett, Inc.). Jan Brooks has litigation consulting experience in the areas of patent infringement, warranty claim and contract disputes. In addition, she has department/project management experience in the healthcare field.

At Brooks Consulting LLC your assignment is managed directly by one of the principals - you do not need to go through multiple reporting layers to get the access you deserve. We rarely conflict out of assignments, common in larger organizations. International consulting firm talent delivered at reasonable rates.

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