What Brooks Consulting LLC can do for you as an Investigator:

Patent Infringement Search Investigative Services

Our Investigations to evaluate potential infringement:

  • Identify companies in your market and nearby markets;
  • Identify products of these companies with features/functionality that have potential to infringe your patents' claims;
  • Collect documentation of this potential infringement; and
  • Acquire products for further technical evaluation.
Due Diligence

Our market assessment for patents and evaluation of patents for acquisition or licensing:

  • Analyze the market for potential patent applications or newly issued patents;
  • Evaluate the market for potential competing products to those covered by patents the client is evaluating to acquire or license;
  • Analyze potential market(s) for patents; and
  • Acquire products for further technical evaluation.
Business Intelligence

Provide clients seeking general business intelligence, beyond that of intellectual property, the benefits of Brooks Consulting LLC’s proprietary research methodology. This research may include new market, industry and/or competitor analysis.

Selected Investigator Case Studies

Patent Infringement Investigation:
  • Financial Services: Conducted an investigation of numerous companies for potential patent infringement of a recently issued business method patent in the subprime mortgage industry. Researched over 50 companies in the mortgage industry including discussions with industry experts and attendance at the Mortgage Banker's Association Annual Convention. The project required an ability to speak fluently with members of the industry about industry trends, procedures and jargon.
  • IP Telephony, Networking: Conducted investigation of a company for potential infringement of patents involving networking equipment. A patent lawsuit was filed against this manufacturer.
  • Personal Computers: Conducted investigation of a company for potential patent infringement of a business method patent in the computer hardware industry. A lawsuit was filed against this manufacturer.
  • Semiconductor: Conducted an investigation of an alleged infringer of several semiconductor patents held by a major semiconductor manufacturer. Obtained specific semiconductor chips and products containing those chips and researched and obtained products (including products that contained the allegedly infringing chips) to determine whether they contained chips that originated from the alleged infringer. The research was completed using a custom web research methodology, interviews of industry experts and company representatives, information and data collection at industry trade shows and monitoring of business and trade publications. The products and raw chips were provided to a reverse engineering firm for analysis. A patent lawsuit and International Trade Commission (ITC) complaint were filed against the alleged infringer, in part, based on this evidence. Prepared a declaration that was filed summarizing research findings in support of the ITC complaint and was named as an expert.
  • Telecommunications, Financial Services, Software: Surveyed telecommunications, financial and software companies regarding the features and functionality of software products for possible infringement.
Trademark Investigation:
  • Retail: Investigated several retail outlets in shopping malls for presence of products violating trademark infringement injunction. Obtained samples of products for counsel.
Trade Secret Investigation:
  • Semiconductor: Managed a team of researchers in a trade secret case involving two of the largest semiconductor foundries in the world, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd (TSMC) and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC). Both parties alleged that the other stole its trade secrets. Working on behalf of TSMC, our research team combed the public domain in search of disclosures of the hundreds of pieces of information SMIC alleged were its trade secrets. Our search included identifying and reviewing six years of analyst reviews; investor and industry presentations; general, business, and industry press articles; live and archived websites; and party and third-party press releases and regulatory filings. Our analysis included piecing together discrete items of information disclosed in diverse sources. The parties settled before SMIC’s claim was tried. The settlement provided TSMC with $200 million plus SMIC stock and warrants worth approximately ten percent of its outstanding shares and additional confidential concessions.

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